How to create a free account ?

Yoplanning is a freemium app. Create your account today for free! Clic here 🙂

Do I have to pay set up fees ?

No set up fees, the app is 100 % free.

Do I have to pay a monthly rate ?

No monthly rate for all the basics features. If needed you can upgrade to other plans to unlock specific features.

Do I pay fees on online bookings ?

Yes Yoplanning fees are 2.4 % before taxes per booking.

Do I have to pay a fee for the direct bookings (phone, emails, walk-in...) ?

Direct bookings are free. Fees are only applied on online bookings or link payments.

How long does it take to set up Yoplanning?

The set up is very fast. In about 20 minutes you can set up your account and your online payment gateway. Simple and fast on-boarding.

Can I switch platform just before the next season?

Yes you can integrate Yoplanning for the next season, the set up time is fast. The changement process is simple, no worries. Switch right away, no need to wait another 6-12 months to save time in your organization. Move forward and we will help you to build everything.

I already have a payment gateway, can I keep using mine ?

Yes you can keep your own payment system. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss about it.
We already have integrated several ones such as stripe, payline, postfinance etc…

Do I pay a fee for credit card transactions ?

If you use Yoplanning with stripe, bank fees are included in our plan, no extra charge.
Fees for Yoplanning + Stripe are 3.8 % in Europe (except Switzerland) and 5.3 % in North America.
If you use your own gateway, you’ll pay the fee of your provider.

How works money transfers ?

By default settings, the bank transfers are schedule every thuesday of every week. The frequency is adjustable depending on your volumes and needs. The app fee is collected on the payment charge directly. You can follow up the balance with your monthly report.

Is it possible to refund a customer from the app ?

Yes refunds have never been easier. In the app, each order has a refund button.
Refunds are free of charges, Yoplanning reverse the fee (of the ammount refounded).

Do I get monthly reports ?

Yes you have a monthly report of your transfers, fees, charges and refunds. Easy and simple to view your business analytics. You can extract all data on excel.

I also manage accommodations, can I deal with that on Yoplanning ?

Yoplanning is not an hotel management system but yes you can sell online your nights. You can also sell package such as a night and a tour.

I already use a software can I transfer my current data on Yoplanning ?

Yes no problem for importing your data. For example we can import you customer list from an excel sheet.

Can I set up multi currencies on Yoplanning ?

You can create several teams with the same email address and then set up different currencies on each team.

I have a winter and summer business can I set up two different accounts ?

You can create several teams on the app, and switch easily from summer to winter. Every field is welcome on the app 🙂

If I have an issue with the software who can I talk to ?

We have an online chat and support system
Write us, open a ticket and a support team member will reply you as fast as possible.

Why is it better to have an online booking system ?

Save time : reduce calls of 30%
More guests : people can book any time, any day
Simple and automated system
Highly reduce no shows by charging your customer before his venue

How increase online sales ?

Sign up on Yoplanning and create a nice booking widget.
Think on the best customer path for your website. Embed your widget.
Contact our online sales expert team for a free audit of how to increase online sales.

Which online booking system is the best ?

Yoplanning ! Save time and make money 🙂